Repair and modernization

Works are carried out at the site of electrical machines installation:

→ repair turbogenerators air-cooled, hydrogen-cooled and fully water-cooled; hydrogenerators; electric motors; synchronous compensators according to job list and replacement components;

→ replacement bar and coil windings of stator core turbogenerators and hydrogenerators voltage under 20 kV;

The works have been carried out at hydrogenerators (capacity under 70 MW) and at turbogenerators (capacity under 300 MW). The post-cured insulation (class F) has been implemented at generators after repair, including insulation of leader in the manufactures of European countries.

→ renovating density of stator core joints by original technology at hydrogenerators;

Hydrogenerators of the North-western region of Russia and at hydroelectric power station "Bajina Basta" of Serbia have been repaired by that technology.

→ modernization stator core turbogenerators 200 and 300 MW;

The accumulators of the pressure for stabilization of the effort insertion active steel have been installed more than at 60 turbogenerators by power 200-300 MW.

→ modernization elements of shaft central bore and radial connectors associated with slip/connectors rings rotors of turbogenerators.

The enterprise repairs:

→ hydro and turbo generators lower-power (the weight less than 30 tons) with rewinding;

→ electric motors of voltage under 10 kV with manufacturing and rewinding of stator coil;

→ brasses of oil packings axles of rotors turbogenerators with hydrogen cooling;

Up-to-date technology is installed at the enterprise constantly. It ensures effective repair and modernization.

→ gas coolers;

→ brush gears;

→ machines of direct current including activators of turbogenerators with rewinding and collectors;

→ electric motors of voltage 0.4 kV with manufacturing and rewinding of stator coil.